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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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degrees livermore. 33 in fairfield and concord sitting at 29 degrees and forecasted highs today by the afternoon, we will make up the difference once again and the temperatures will be similar without the wind. a very cool down, sitting in upper 50s around noontime and high, widespread upper 60s around the bay and inland and we will have a peak at afternoon highs, 62 for hayward, 62 for livermore and 60 for fairfield. we will come back in just a little bit and take a broader look a around. right now here is sal for traffic. we had a couple of minor crashes but nothing major, on highway 4 traffic is moving
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nicely all the way up to the willow pass grade and traffic is moving nicely as you pass the coliseum and looking good as you approach the 101 downtown san francisco. right now let's go back to the desk. ktvu channel 2 news kraig debro joins us from petaluma where temperatures dipped into the 30s overnight, how is it now, kraig? >> reporter: cold. i would advice anybody where there is going to be a freeze advisory to bundle up. it shows the temperature and believe me it will change, but it is still cold enough already people are starting to make some changes. take a look at this, it is a petaluma homeless shelter. it was opened earlier in the
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day and the reason is the cold shelter. it was so cold one girl wore two pairs of pants to school. when the weather gets this cold people scramble for warmth. >> we do whatever we can find, hotels, whatever we can find to stay out of the weather. >> veterinarians say pets may not be acclimated and can come down with a case of frostbite. >> reporter: some plants may also need protection and some plant owners were moving to do just that. >> i do have a plant i need to wrap up, i froze it last year. >> we already -- >> reporter: we already have calls to check out any cold related problems overnight. so far no problems reported and so far i will keep my ear open
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for any problems that pop up and keep you abreast of all the information for your commute, right now kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. several people were left out in the cold after an early morning house fire. it happened on 30th street and linden. everybody got out of the home safely but the fire caused major damage. investigators are still looking for the cause. early evidence points to some type of electrical problem. the occupied wall street problem is taking on the foreclosure crisis. it is part of the action dubbed occupied homes and demonstrations are planned in 20 cities around the country occupied oakland plans to rally from the west to oakland bart station in support of those who have lost their homes. in other cities protesters plan to take over other homes forcing foreclosure and they
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are demanding they speak with negotiators about homes that are under water. the task force is being asked to determine who is responsible for the november 18th incident that sparked outrage worldwide and they will look into how police respond to campuses in general. it will be headed by a california supreme court justice. the occupied camp in berkeley is causing some problems for the students in the high school. 100 tents are up and the principal sent a letter saying some students are spending time at the camp. berkeley police say crime is up at the camp but there are no plans for a raid.
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since 2009, the bandit has robbed 16 california banks. now they have a break in the case. coming up, the personal item he dropped during his latest robbery. police are searching for his attackers. the incident happened at alicia park shortly after 6:00 last night. now police say the 19-year-old male victim was stabbed multiple times and he's now being treated at a locate hospital but his condition is not being released. >> we have a report of three male victims who the people assaulted the individuals. >> people say the motive for -- police say the motive for the attack is unknown. anybody with information is asked to call police. over the weekend, police
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say people vandalized many cars. people are now being asked to lock all car doors and remove all belongings before you leave your car. it is causing big trouble in the traffic. it is causing many street lights to go out and it appears they can't keep up with the crimes. just last week, there were 30 pending light problems and they are now alerting people to the intersections. they are responding to the number record of sick calls in the department this year. since january, san jose workers have tang 132 sick hours, that is up 40% from last year. the police officers association maintains the calls are legitimate and not the so
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called blue flu. >> we have people who are 100% who came in and worked and said that is why they gave me sick time as a benefit and now i am going to use it. >> the sick calls spiked after they announced layoffs. the sick calls spiked in june right before layoffs went into effect. mitt romney will pick up the former endorsement of dan quail. he will announce his endorsement at a romney campaign. his campaign says he will not making any public appearances. there is a new development in the penn state child sex scandal. former football coach joe paterno had closed business ties with board members of the second mile and that's the
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charity found by alleged molester an assistant coach jerry sandusky. joe paterno was reportedly involved with several big money projects. those investments include a luxury retirement community and a golf course. 4:37, standard importers are facing several countries face a credit downgrade. the countries are germany france and austria and that could make it impossible for the well,the-year-old nations to -- wealth thyer nations to bailout their neighbors. all right, it is 4:38 we want to go back to sal to check out the traffic this morning. any major problems? >> no major problems but we
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always worry about black ice and just be careful he is spendly -- especially in sonoma county because it is freezing up there. mcarthur maze, that traffic is moving along relatively well with no major problems, also the commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and there are no mail problems here and this is northbound 280 as you drive up to highway 17. it is a very nice drive and there are no mail problems throughout the south bay. here is -- let's go back to the desk. >> we have a ridge of high pressure in place with the clear skies we know what happens in the overnight hours, winds dropped off and calm conditions now allowing the air to sink to the bottom and that cold air is just going to stick over the next couple of hours and again we are dealing with
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frost and freeze advisories over parts of the bay area. as we he have clear skies overhead, any heat that we have from yesterday has been allowed to go back up into the atmosphere. all in all it equals very cold numbers outside our door. 20s in the north bay locations before we start to turn around after sunrise. winds will be 5 to 10 miles per hour instead of 10 and 15 yesterday with gusts sticking around in the afternoon and without all that wind it should feel better. santa rosa 34 and 34 in napa 34 in livermore, subject freezing temperatures stepping out your door. forecasted highs, it is a new repeat of yesterday and again without the winds it should
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feel better. 61 for petaluma, petaluma expected to hit mid-20s by sunrise. san rafael as well east bay for the afternoon 50s and 60s. pleasantville 60 degrees a-62 san -- 62 san jose, 59 for san bruno, 52 in red wood city. upper 60s along the coastline, we begin abundant sun. we could call it a gradual warmup. by thursday and into the weekend temperatures sit something into the mid-and upper 0s for some of cooler -- 30s for some of the cooler spots and temperatures sitting
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in the lower 60s for the afternoon, pam? ed lee is asked to keep the 49ers within the city limits and a showdown on the roof of an oakland apartment building that ended with the suspected shooter crawling towards police at gunpoint. good morning. traffic on the sunole grade looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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. good morning to you, grab the long johns, temperatures in the upper 60s for the afternoon. looking at the center of your screen, after hours of searching police finally located the man you see crawling there and police say he was the suspect in the shooting yesterday afternoon. when found on the roof, police made the man crawl at them at gunpoint before arresting him. they say he dropped his gun from the edge of the building. police had to shut down streets around the building which was near jack london square. three hikers have been recovered. in july the three students were swept over the falls. last week a body found in the
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river was identified and on saturday searchers found another body in the same area and they believe it is the 21- year-old. and the body of the third hiker was found a month after the accident and the three were in the water and were swept over the falls as they were posing for a picture. he is admitting his guilt. he admitted to murdering and mutilating several farm workers. he said they were trespassing. now the bodies were discovered back in 1971. he is now 77 years old and has been diagnosed with dementia. after a few years they may finally have a break-in the so called geeser case. this time police say he left a
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clue on his way out. investigators found a day planner in the parking lot of bank of america. police found it after a die pack exploded when he was making his get away. >> i think it created enough of a division -- the die pack created enough of a diversion for him to drop his day planner and other items he was holding. >> tis guess wise is -- disguise is making him look older. a $25,000 reward is available for any information leading to his arrest. they are meeting to discuss the plan to build a new stadium at hunt terrible's point. darn hunter's point. last week they -- hunter's point. last week they worked out a
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deal and three banks have pledged $850 million. the rest of the money could come from possibly redevelopment funds and a hotel tax. this season the 49ers have gone from one of the worst to one of the best. they are getting ready for a division against the st. louis rams on sunday. >> we just got the division and it does not get any better than that. >> it is amazing. i would not trade it for anything, like you said for the first time in a long time. >> they are talking about their incredible season during a shopping trip yesterday. they took some people to the store to buy some holiday gifts. and they will consider
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expanding the plastic bag band. the expansion would band plastic bags at any retail outlet. customers would also be charged 10-cents for the bags. if approved the new rules will go into effect in july. rod blagojevich is facing charges of 18 counts of corruption including trying to sell president barack obama's former senate seat. prosecutors are asking for a 15 to 20 year sentence. defense attorneys are asking for no more than a few years. the judge has considered defense friendly and has no problem going against approximater's recommend -- a prosecutor's recommendation. in an appearance with donald trump in new york, newt gingrich believes poor children
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should be given the opportunity to learn good work habits. he asked about creating an apprentice group for poor children and donald trump likes the idea. 100 children are-- and a new plant, we will have more on why it is so exciting.
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. welcome back time now is 4:52, yesterday they were surprised with new instruments. the new instruments cost more than $30,000. it includes 5 violas and two
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cellos and 5 sack phones. >> it is great, and as a musician, sound quality is amazing. >> teachers say the donation helped to provide some much needed cheer in these hard economic times. they will get small refunds soon, that is because of a proposed settlement against ticketmaster. a judge has approved a deal to give credit for future purchases. the deal could be finalized by may but one lawyer said the credits are worthless unless they give new business to ticketmaster. that event will be held on gateway place and san jose
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right near the airport. it runs until 2:00 this afternoon. some of the companies looking for workers are solar pest control and new york workers. people are asked to bring several copies of your resume. starting today, you can answer messages addressed to the north poll. now it begins at 11:00 at the post office. it is part of a 100-year-old tradition. anybody who wants to answer a letter can stop by the post office on tuesdays. santa needs a lot of help. let's check with traffic. traffic is doing well around the bay area and if you are driving on the south bay commute, you should see traffic is light here with no major problems. let's move a long taking a look
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at interstate 880, traffic is looking well and the road work has been picked up. the morning drive is moving well here. no problems here or on the bridge, visibility across the spans are good. let's go to rosemary. >> reporter: good morning to you stepping outside you may need your jacket. take a look at the freeze warning up and down the valley including our north bay valley. we have an advisory over the east bay parts as well and the blue is indicating a freeze warning for north bay valley you can see it all the way through into the sacramento as well as the san jaun valley. dry cold, a light breeze in santa rosa and it is 31 degrees which is where we sit at this time. remember yesterday, we were
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sitting in the 50s. 34 in napa, napa is 15 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 39 san jose, and into the city of oakland for this time. temperatures will be similar to what we felt yesterday, maybe felt better without that win out there but this morning we have a frost tie start. it is very dry out there so the frost we get will be patchy and it is the freezing temperatures, of course our sensitive vegetation, take care of our animals outside and upper 50s and 60s today. 62 san jose, 62 sunny veil. 62 in san mateo, upper 50s and 60s for your coastline extended
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forecast, slight bump, overnight temperatures will be just as cold and into your weekend partly cloudy skies dry conditions low 60s for the afternoon, pam? astronomers are talking about a new planet which was discovered by a team in mountain view. scientists say it is two and a half times bigger than earth and it's in the goldie locks zone, not too hot not too cold which means it may have water as we know it which a key requirement to exist. just ahead at 5:00, we will go back to one area seeing the coldest temperatures this morning. and the new steps today for the occupied movement, we will be right back.
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. in the north bay, how the cold air is changing some of our behavior. we have advisories to talk


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